What are the classifications of solar photovoltaic lighting devices

What are the classifications of solar photovoltaic lighting devices

Since solar photovoltaic power generation is divided into two categories, namely, independent solar photovoltaic power generation systems and grid-connected solar photovoltaic power generation systems, the difference between them is that independent solar photovoltaic power generation systems are equipped with battery energy storage, and grid-connected solar photovoltaic power generation systems directly connect the sun. The electrical energy generated by the battery is fed into the grid. Therefore, solar photovoltaic lighting is mainly divided into two categories, grid-connected systems and independent systems. The grid-connected system is our traditional lighting, and the independent system includes: 1. No power supply area, bright project. 2. Traffic lights (solar navigation lights). 3. Landscape lights, lawn lights. 4. Solar flashlight. 5. Solar craft light. 6. Solar advertising display lights. 7. Solar house number light. 8. Road lighting tools.

The solar photovoltaic lighting device usually referred to is mainly an independent system, and its most obvious feature is the storage battery. It is this feature of direct power supply from solar cells that gives solar photovoltaic lighting devices unparalleled advantages: no need for power grids, no need to lay wires, flexible and mobile, easy to carry, safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, etc.; it has been completely replaced in many occasions. Traditional lighting device.

China’s Guangming Project: Due to China’s vast territory, in areas without power sources such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, and Inner Mongolia, the state spent billions to start the Guangming Project in order to solve the problems of local people’s night lighting and listening to the radio. Good results.

Traffic signal lights: In China, solar batteries were used in navigation lights as early as the early 1970s, and it has been nearly 40 years now; because of the advantages of solar photovoltaic lighting devices that do not require power grids, wire laying, and flexibility It has been widely used in navigation, aviation, or highway traffic lights, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.

Solar lawn light: This is China’s largest solar cell application project and the largest solar photovoltaic lighting device in China. Its output far exceeds the sum of other solar photovoltaic lighting devices.

Solar lawn lights are the only project in the solar photovoltaic industry that operates in accordance with market rules and does not require government funding from taxpayers; it is the project that consumes the most solar cells in China’s solar energy application field each year; it is the only solar cell in the world that uses ASIC control Application products; it is a real semiconductor lighting product that is completely powered by semiconductor materials and emits light with semiconductor materials at the same time.

When people are looking for a way out for the application of solar photovoltaic cells in China, they should pay attention to this huge market. In China, its annual output reaches more than 200 million, and the consumption of solar cells is more than 30MW. This is incomparable to any project in the entire solar photovoltaic lighting field, and even exceeds the total number of other projects.

Solar flashlight: This is a solar product that has just emerged in recent years. It is mainly used for export. The output is increasing every year. It is said that it is used by foreign governments to distribute to residents for emergency use in the event of natural disasters, so the quantity is very large.

Solar craft lamp: The solar craft lamp is basically made of resin. Some are shaped as jade rabbits, some are shaped as reading urchins, and some are shaped as frogs that eat insects. The insects turned out to be “fireflies”, using LEDs. The fireflies made are shining and glowing at night, full of fun. Almost all of the products are exported, and the output is increasing every year.

Solar house number light: used to indicate house number at night, with a large export volume.

Road lighting: This is what people refer to as the “solar street light”. In recent years, it has attracted the attention of governments and media at all levels at home and abroad. Many manufacturers and developers are very enthusiastic about investing in this project, although it is actually used in the entire solar energy The proportion of photovoltaic lighting devices is currently very small, but people seem to feel that it will become the mainstream of solar photovoltaic lighting devices, and even replace traditional road lighting fixtures in the future. In recent years, tens of thousands of solar street lights have been installed in rural areas in the suburbs of Beijing during the construction of a new socialist countryside in Beijing, and they have been well received by the masses.